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Phuket Retirement Lifestyle at Trichada

Enjoy a fabulous life of retirement on the paradise Thai island of Phuket – amid the luxury of your Trichada villa.

With glorious beaches, immaculate golf courses, five-star restaurants and shopping, intriguing Thai culture and international medical facilities all within easy reach, there’s no better place than Trichada to indulge in your Phuket retirement lifestyle.

To get started, organising your Thai Retirement Visa includes these simple steps:

• At least 50 years-old
• Obtain a Non-Immigrant “O” Visa from the Thai embassy in your country of residence
• Provide Immigration in Phuket with proof of residency, such as property ownership
• Show proof you can support yourself - currently defined as THB 800,000 in a Thai bank account
  for a minimum of three months, or a monthly income of THB 65,000
• A one-year Retirement Visa should then be provided.

And for an even smoother Thai Retirement process, Trichada can arrange access to selected Thai legal advisors for professional assistance. Please contact Trichada at +66 9 4593 3980 email: